It's official (in Australia): humanities graduates earn more than many STEM graduates

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Below is a link to an article by Peter Hurley from "The Conversation" blog entitled "Humanities graduates earn more than those who study science and maths," June 19, 2020. Australia has been planning to lower university tuition for students taking classes that are expected to yield better employment prospects. In order to develop the revised university fee table by academic major, the country had to create a chart of educational outcomes. This blog post reports on the findings from the study of academic outcomes and discusses the expected increases in undergraduate enrollment through 2023.

Here's an excerpt: "Undergraduates who study physiotherapy and occupational therapy have the highest level of employment (98.8%) three years after finishing their bachelor degree, while creative arts graduates the lowest (89.3%). Of the study areas where the government is proposing students contribute more, law graduates (95.8%) and business graduates (95.5%) are employed at rates above the average. Humanities graduates are employed at a rate of 91.1% (above science and maths)."