H-Net reviews posted to the web 02 Dec 2019 - 09 Dec 2019

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Home Office Notices (Jobs, Reviews)
December 9, 2019

The following reviews were posted to the H-Net web site between
02 Dec 2019 and 09 Dec 2019.

Reviewed for H-War by Oliver Charbonneau
   Walter, Dierk.  _Colonial Violence: European Empires and the Use
   of Force_.  Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2017.  pp.
   $26.95, ISBN 978-0-19-084000-6.

Reviewed for H-LatAm by Paula Vedoveli
   Luna, Francisco Vidal; Klein, Herbert S..  _Economic and
   Demographic History of São Paulo, 1850-1950, An_.  Stanford:
   Stanford University Press, 2018.  xxv + 448 pp.  $75.00, ISBN 978-

Reviewed for H-War by Rachel E. Boaz
   Niven, William John.  _Hitler and Film: The Führer's Hidden
   Passion_.  New Haven: Yale University Press, 2018.  312 pp.
   $30.00, ISBN 978-0-300-20036-2.

Reviewed for H-LatAm by Jesse Cromwell
   Altman, Ida; Wheat, David, eds..  _Spanish Caribbean and the
   Atlantic World in the Long Sixteenth Century, The_.  Lincoln:
   University of Nebraska Press, 2019.  326 pp.  $40.00, ISBN 978-0-

Reviewed for H-Albion by Amanda M. Caleb
   Price, Cheryl Blake.  _Chemical Crimes: Science and Poison in
   Victorian Crime Fiction_.  Columbus: Ohio State University Press,
   2019.  viii + 195 pp.  $69.95, ISBN 978-0-8142-1391-9.

Reviewed for H-Diplo by Terry Anderson
   Basha i Novosejt, Aurélie.  _"I Made Mistakes": Robert
   McNamara's Vietnam War Policy, 1960-1968_.  Cambridge Studies in
   US Foreign Relations Series. Cambridge: Cambridge University
   Press, 2019.  Illustrations. 338 pp.  $49.99, ISBN 978-1-108-41553-

Reviewed for H-LatAm by Pablo Miguel Sierra Silva
   Gharala, Norah L. A..  _Taxing Blackness: Free Afromexican Tribute
   in Bourbon New Spain_.  Atlantic Crossings Series. Tuscaloosa:
   University of Alabama Press, 2019.  Illustrations. xii + 292 pp.
   $54.95, ISBN 978-0-8173-2007-2.

Reviewed for H-LatAm by Brett Hendrickson
   Matovina, Timothy.  _Theologies of Guadalupe: From the Era of
   Conquest to Pope Francis_.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018.
   Illustrations. 241 pp.  $29.95, ISBN 978-0-19-090275-9.

Reviewed for H-War by Jessica Perales-Ludemann
   Futter, Andrew.  _Hacking the Bomb: Cyber Threats and Nuclear
   Weapons_.  Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press, 2018.
   xiii + 197 pp.  $29.95, ISBN 978-1-62616-565-6.

Reviewed for H-Florida by Kathie Beebe
   Dunn, John M..  _Drying Up: The Fresh Water Crisis in Florida_.
   Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2019.  272 pp.  $24.95,
   ISBN 978-0-8130-5620-3.

Reviewed for H-SAWH by Judith Giesberg
   McCurry, Stephanie.  _Women’s War: Fighting and Surviving the
   American Civil War_.  Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press: An Imprint of
   Harvard University Press, 2019.  xii + 297 pages.  $26.95, ISBN

Reviewed for H-Judaic by Jonathan C. Friedman
   Rich, Ian.  _Holocaust Perpetrators of the German Police
   Battalions: The Mass Murder of Jewish Civilians, 1940-1942_.
   London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2018.  256 pp.  $102.60, ISBN 978-1-

Reviewed for H-Slavery by Marie-Jeanne Rossignol
   Chenoweth, John M..  _Simplicity, Equality, and Slavery: An
   Archaeology of Quakerism in the British Virgin Islands, 1740-
   1780_.  Tallahassee: University of Florida Press, 2017.  266 pp.
   $74.95, ISBN 978-1-68340-011-0.

Reviewed for H-Slavery by Michael E. Woods
   Eichhorn, Niels.  _Liberty and Slavery: European Separatists,
   Southern Secession, and the American Civil War_.  Baton Rouge:
   Louisiana State University Press, 2019.  x + 202 pp.  $45.00, ISBN

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