Global warming research in 1856

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According to the Public Domain Review, the first article on global warming appeared in 1856.  It was written by a woman who was an independent scholar and she was not allowed to present it in person.  It was soon completely forgotten.

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This article on independent scientist Eunice Foote comments that, "It was unlikely that an amateur American woman scientist living in the environs of Albany during the mid-nineteenth century would have connections overseas." While I am sure this is generally true, there is at least one example of an independent woman scientist who did have international connections just a couple of decades later.

I learned about Mary Treat from Barbara Kingsolver's recent novel, Unsheltered. She was a character in the book, but also a real naturalist and investigator who corresponded with Charles Darwin, and who made major contributions to botany and entomology. More information can be found here,, and here,

She is definitely an inspirational though little-known woman and independent scholar.