Journals: simplify your submission process (comment)

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Below is an excerpt from a "Guest Post" evidently written by the Scholarly Kitchen editors that appeared on the Scholarly Kitchen  Blog, followed by a link to the article.  The post calls for journals to make it easier for authors to submit their work by ensuring that their authors' instructions are clear and unambiguous, their formatting requirements are standardized, and their systems for receiving submissions should be universal.  The authors point out that having to customize every submission for each journal it is sent to wastes a lot of authors' time and energy.
Guest Post — A Case for Universal and Simplified Journal Systems, a Guest Post by the Scholarly Kitchen Blog,

August 20, 2019

"Authors often receive advice on how to get their papers published, including the dictum that they should strictly follow journal guidelines on how to prepare and submit manuscripts. Many journals return or reject incompletely formatted manuscripts or incomplete submissions. Authors risk coming across as unprofessional or careless, because if they cannot take care of a relatively simple task such as following guidelines, perhaps their academic work may suffer from the same neglect.No author wants either of these two outcomes, and most sincerely try to follow journal guidelines, and so the lack of uniform and simple journal systems and guidelines creates an additional burden for authors. . . .   "