Medieval Academy survey of contingent, unaffiliated, and academic-adjacent scholars (forward)

Margaret DeLacy Discussion

Dear fellow medievalists,

The Medieval Academy of America has recently assembled an Ad Hoc Committee on Professional Diversity to support our medievalist colleagues working in contingent, unaffiliated, and academic-adjacent capacities. These scholars - growing in number - often struggle to continue their work as medievalists, and the Committee is charged with assessing their unmet needs and making recommendations to MAA leadership so we may all benefit from their continued participation in the field.

To this end, we have compiled a survey to gather information on the most pressing concerns for this demographic. If you are currently working as a contingent, independent, or academically-adjacent medievalist, your responses to this survey will be extraordinarily valuable as the committee continues its work. If you are a traditionally-employed medievalist (tenured or TT), please pass this survey along to any medievalists in your network (former students, members of your cohort, non-faculty medievalists at your institution) whose voice should be heard. Please note that respondents need not be MAA members to participate. Your responses will remain anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself. The results will be consolidated for review after Sept. 30, so please respond by that date.

Click here to take the survey, or copy this link and forward it at will:

Many thanks for your help in this effort. Please feel free to contact me or any member of the Committee should you have suggestions or comments on this initiative.

Laura Morreale
Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on Professional Diversity, 2019-2020

Committee Members:
Raymond Clemens
Sarah Davis-Secord
Adam Kosto
Mary Rambaran-Olm
Lisa Fagin Davis (ex officio)