SSRN announcement (comment)

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This week, SSRN announced that it has developed and launched an improved citations and reference service.

According to the SSRN website," SSRN is the number one research repository in the world, with networks within that span across multiple disciplines.SSRN hosts over 325,000 authors� submissions of nearly 600,000 papers and over 700,000 abstracts within the SSRN eLibrary, delivering over 100 million downloads."

After consulting their website, it seems to me that SSRN is notably lacking in collections in history--an unfortunate omission for a service that is named the Social Science Research Network.  However, if you wish to consult it for recent publications in other areas, I have found it to be easy to use.

For more on the current management and ownership of SSRN, you can consult the article:

"Elsevier Buys SSRN: What It Means for Scholarly Publication" by George H. Pike  for the publication Informaiton Today, July-August 2016