Where Historians Work (news) (comment)

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The current issue of the American Historical Association's newsletter, Perspectives in History includes an article dated July 9, 2918 entitled "Every Historian Counts: A New AHA Database Analyzes Careers for PhDs," by Emily Swafford and Dylan Ruediger.  It describes  a new database from the AHA entitled "Where Historians Work".  Below is a link to the article and an excerpt.

"Today, we’re releasing the final version of Where Historians Work, an interactive database that shows current employment data for all history PhDs earned in 2004–13—more than 8,500 of them—from every PhD-granting program in the United States. Where Historians Work allows users to see broad trends in PhD employment and to assess how such factors as gender, field of study, and degree-granting institution influence career outcomes. This tool helps answer long-standing questions about the discipline and, we hope, will prompt new conversations about where historical work happens, what it means to “do” history, and ultimately what it means to be a historian."