Scholars rebel against paid-access plan (comment)

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Courtesy of the NCIS blog, below is a link to an article concerning the objections by academics to an announcement by Nature Publishinng Group that it was planning a new journal on Machine Learning (artificial intelligence) that would require a paid subscription for access.  Below is an excerpt and a link.

"Thousands of academics spurn Nature’s new paid-access Machine Learning journal" by Devin Coldewey

"The statement comes from Tom Dietterich at Oregon State University, founding president of the International Machine Learning Society.

“ 'Machine learning has been at the forefront of the movement for free and open access to research… We see no role for closed access or author-fee publication in the future of machine learning research and believe the adoption of this new journal as an outlet of record for the machine learning community would be a retrograde step'” it reads.

The statement cites past opposition in the community to paid journals and the fact that all the major ones in existence charge nothing as well "'The following list of researchers'” it continues, 'hereby state that they will not submit to, review, or edit for this new journal.' "