Hijacked journals

Margaret DeLacy Discussion

Submitted by Margaret DeLacy, acting as H-Scholar subscriber:


Below is a link to a story by Anna Abalkina from the Retraction Watch blog entitled "Three journals’ web domains expired. Then major indexes pointed to hijacked versions"

Retraction Watch offers a "hijacked journal" list here:


IN addition to checking a journal's current credentials before you send them an article, there is another reason for independent scholars to pay attention.  Many of us have our own websites or are members of small organizations that have a website.  It is important to monitor the URLs and to make sure that their domain registration remains current so your own internet profile isn't hijacked .

Below is an excerpt from the article and a link to the full article.

"Taking over expired domains remains a successful strategy for fraudulent publishers, because potential authors may use the websites listed in scientometric databases to verify the authenticity of a journal. Recently, three examples have come to light of journals with domains that expired and were hijacked by fake journals......The strategy of hijackers of registering expired domains likely will continue. Journals that have ceased publishing are particularly at risk, as their web domains will eventually expire, making them vulnerable to dishonest publishers. Journals that have launched a new website on an alternative domain also are vulnerable, as are those that may have inadvertently failed to renew their domain registration".