AI and Scholarly Publishing

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the Scholarly Kitchen blog has a discussion by three experts on the effects of AI software programs on scholarly publishing.

"Guest Post – AI and Scholarly Publishing: A View from Three Expertsm" Anita de Waard, Jan 18, 2023.  At the end of the post there is a list of relevant AI programs such as Writefull that may be of interest

Margaret DeLacy, H-Scholar editor

Thanks, Margaret, for 2 interesting posts in a row.
The bibliography in this latest looks worth a lot. I may not need to use any of this software, but I can at least look at it and see what it does, and marvel and ponder.
The article about transcription was a revelation. I have my own shorthand for writing notes of all sorts to myself, and sometimes have wondered why editors and historians of all sorts don't write more often about the problems of deciphering personal shorthands. Do you suppose many scholars _have_ had this type of problem but just haven't mentioned it?
Whatever the answer to that question, it now occurs to me that a problem like deciphering personal shorthands in original sources is exactly the sort of problem AI could deal with! If a software package of this kind isn't already out there I'll bet there'll be one soon!
I enjoy your eclectic reading habits.
Barbara Bell