Scientiae Academic Summer Series

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Re-posted from Vera Kirk:

Scientiae Virtual Summer Series

Scientiae is delighted to announce the schedule for its summer virtual seminar series. The organising committee has put together three two-session days, each dealing with different problems in the pre-modern knowledge formation from different perspectives.

All sessions are free. But we ask that you register for the Zoom link at the email address at the end of this message.

Friday 3 June 2022

Transformative Empiricisms

9AM (EDT) / 3PM (CST): Keynote Talk

Jennifer Rampling (Princeton), "Alchemy and the Image of Nature: Depicting Change in Medieval and Early Modern Europe"

11AM (EDT) / 5PM (CST): Panel

Laura Sumrall (Hebrew Univ.), "Alchemical Ambition and Medical Practice: George Starkey's Hunt for the Panacea"

Julia Reed (Harvard Univ.), "The Forensics of Incorruption in Early Modern Medicine: the Empirical Aristotelianism of Paolo Zacchia"

Margaret Carlyle (Univ. of British Columbia), "Instrumentalizing the Pelvis at the Paris Academy of Surgery"

Friday 10 June

European Knowledge-Making in the New Worlds

9AM (EDT) / 3PM (CST): Plenary Panel, "Knowledge Making in the Wider World"

Carolyn Podruchny (York Univ.), "Dying in the North American Fur Trade: The Changing Meanings of the Tragic Tale of Jean Cadieux"

Djoeke van Netten (Amsterdam Univ.), "The Dutch East India Company and Publishing Knowledge about the Wider World"

Simon Kow (Univ. of King's College), "Indirect Encounters with Confucianism and neo-Confucianism in Enlightenment Philosophy, 1682-1748"

Jaime Marroquin (Western Oregon Univ.), "Plinian Natural History and the Indies of the West"


11AM (EDT) / 5PM (CST): Panel, "How to Know What to Know in the Wider World"

Mateusz Kapustka (Zurich), "Tertullian among the Brahmins. Idolatry and historical Knowledge in the 18th-century 'Malabar Rites Controversy'"

Margaret Schotte (York Univ.), "All the things necessary to know": Instructions for East India Co. Mariners"

Joyce Chen, (Princeton), "Decentering Acoustical Knowledge at the Turn of Scientific Revolution: A Comparative Analysis of Music Theory Works by Marin Mersenne and Zhu Zaiyu"

Comment, Peter Barker (Univ. of Oklahoma)

Thursday 21 July

Demonisms and Early Modern Knowledge Making

9AM (EDT) / 3PM (CST): Panel, "Knowing Demons"

Lu Ann Homza (William & Mary), "The Devil in the Witch-Hunt, 1608-1614"

Sari Katajala-Peltomaa (Tampere Univ., Finland), "Experiencing the Diabolical? Demonic Possession and Lived Religion in Late Medieval Canonization Processes"

Jason Coy, (History, College of Charleston), "Diabolism and Divination: Demonology and Folk Magic in Early Modern Europe"

11AM (EDT) / 5PM (CST): Roundtable Discussion on Demonism and Early Modern Knowledge Production

          Speakers TBA

All sessions are free. But please register at:

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We hope you can join us!

And please disseminate this notice widely.

Organising Committee: Richard Raiswell, Danielle Skjelver, Vera Kirk and Erika Gasser.