What's in a name? (comment)

Also courtesy of the NCIS,here is another commentary on the dilemmas of publishing in prestigious peer-reviewed journals versus open-access publishing.  This one appeared in the "Impact of Social Sciences" blog of the London School of Economics and Political Science and  comes from Philip Moriarty who confesses to being hypocritical when he praises open access but publishes in paywalled journals and encourages his students to do so also.  The comments are worth reading as well.  Below is an excerpt and a link:

Academic Freedom in the U.K. (comment)

Courtesy of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars (NCIS.org) below is a link to a story that appeared in The Boar--a student-run newspaper of the University of Warwick, alleging that some professors feel their controversial work is stifled because their universities fear social-media trolling.


Open books (resources)


Below is an announcement about the Humanities Open Book program and excerpts from the

Cornell Open website announcing the first 20 Cornell books placed on open access.  Thanks to H-HistBibl for the tip.

Accessible scholarship (comment)


If you have ever tried and failed to obtain a legal copy of a scholarly publication, you know how frustrating it can be. It is more than twice as frustrating to obtain a copy and then discover that you cannot read it because of its format.  If you have normal eyesight but have struggled to read a microscopic and unenlargeable book or .pdf on your phone, you can understand how annoying it is to confront this problem every day.


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