Happy new year

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Dear H-SAfricanists,

I am very happy to introduce you to several new members of H-SAfrica’s team.

Dr Scott Timcke of the Universities of Johannesburg and Leeds is an H-SAfrica editor.

Dr. Janeke Thumbran of the Department of History, Rhodes University is our new book review editor. She is presently completing her H-Net training.

Dr Divine Fuh of the Institute for Humanities in Africa, University of Cape Town is our new link person with the African Studies Association of Africa.

I will shortly be announcing some members of our Advisory Board.

Below are two important upcoming events at the University of Cape Town.

African Studies Association of Africa 2022 – Africa and the Human: Old questions, new imaginaries

4th Biennial Conference, University of Cape Town, 11– 16 April 2022 and online via video conferencing.



After the Fire: Loss, Archive and African Studies

Symposium, University of Cape Town, 18–19 April 2022, in-person with virtual affordances


Best wishes,