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H-Net Vice President of Networks Caroline Waldron (Term Jan '22-Dec '24) Discussion

Dear H-Net subscribers and readers,

H-Net is uniquely poised in the online academic world in a way that other sites and outlets simply can't match. It isn't just H-Net's new publishing platform that makes that the case. In the past two years 280 new editors have joined H-Net. That's 280 scholars, researchers,
and teachers who have seen the potential of the H-Net Commons, gotten involved to help develop it, and are providing service to their fields by building resources and developing meaningful content with and for their peers.

Among H-Net's 549 editors, these 280 represent an infusion of new energy and ideas working for the 200,000 subscriptions to H-Net’s 186
networks. All of them see the value in creating resources, moderating discussion, and open access online publishing in a non-profit run by fellow scholars, not at for profit publishers or social networking sites. H-Net editors make a unique contribution to their fields that no one else is in a position to do. They archive materials in organized and easily searchable ways. They publish original material on H-Net, not just re-post pubs from others places. They bring the latest information and updates to an enormous audience of their colleagues.

Thanks to their service, H-Net does what no one else can.

Please support your local editor as well as all the H-Net editors who volunteer their labor and expertise!  Help us keep H-Net free, moderated, and accessible with a tax-deductible gift to H-Net. Click here to make a tax-exempt gift online through a VeriSign-secure site, by postal mail, or by telephone during our business hours, 10-5 weekdays, Eastern time.

Thank you for supporting H-Net!

Patrick Cox

H-Net Vice-President for Networks

Editor, H-Amstdy and H-Material-Culture