Looking Toward H-Net's Future

Randolph Hollingsworth (she/her) Discussion

Dear H-Net Readers and Subscribers:

Over ten years ago, the H-Net Council passed a Strategic Plan for H-Net that envisioned what became the Commons.  H-Net would “implement an enterprise-wide content management system that encourages information sharing in a protected networked environment monitored by field experts” and “Plan for migration of content delivery technologies to web-based formats for editing, publication, and service.”

Since then we have rebuilt our Job Guide service, created a Reviews Management System for inventory, copyediting, and publishing of book reviews, and migrated our discussion lists and Announcements service to the Commons.

This has been a tremendous change for our organization, both technologically and culturally, and all changes come with costs and trade-offs.  But not since our founding in 1993 has our editorial community been so closely drawn together to focus on and share the content of what we produce.  The proliferation of projects all across the Commons speaks highly of how subscribers, contributors, and editors have seized the moment to develop new resources for our respective online communities.  Learn more about these new resources here.

We are now drafting a new strategic plan that looks down the road to the great potential that can be unleashed by this challenging transition.  Your participation is central to that effort.  I will be blogging about this work, so feel free to stop by for updates and help us shape those plans.

The Commons has been an expensive undertaking, funded entirely from our own coffers.  Please help us keep the momentum going with a tax-deductible gift to H-Net. Click here to make a tax-exempt gift online through a VeriSign-secure site, by mail, or by telephone during our business hours, 10-5 weekdays, Eastern time.

On behalf of the H-Net Executive Council, please accept our sincere gratitude for your support and encouragement for H-Net!



Randolph Hollingsworth, Ph.D.
University of Kentucky

H-Net President http://www.h-net.org
H-Kentucky Network Editor http://networks.h-net.org/h-kentucky