Join us—Volunteer with H-SAfrica

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Hello H-SAfricanists,

H-SAfrica is eager to collaborate with scholars in the fields of South and Southern African Studies. H-SAfrica is run by a volunteer editorial team offering flexible opportunities to work with people in your field and design and develop academic projects. Currently I’m on my own!

Service with an H-Net network is an excellent way to support scholarship and pedagogy, gain professional experience, make academic connections, and enrich the field. In line with the guidelines of our parent non-profit, H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online, our network is an open, moderated forum that makes all of its digital content available for free and is committed to academic and editorial best practices. We are free from spamming, trolling, and narrowly self-promotional behavior.

Our content circulates directly to our subscribers, including hundreds of academic specialists. H-Net provides quick and helpful online training for our volunteers and sustains an editorial support network. In short, our network represents one of the most reliable, powerful, and open-ended ways to enhance our field of study. 

Please note that volunteers must: 1) have regular internet access; 2) read and write English fluently; 3) work collaboratively with and independently of other scholars; 4) remain in regular e-mail communication with the rest of our staff; and 5) be active in our field of study.

Open Positions

H-SAfrica has a pressing need for the following:

Advisory Board Members: This involves supporting the editor(s), remaining in reliable email communication and helping set policy and mediate any rare disputes that arise.

Announcement Editor: This involves browsing H-Announce for relevant Calls for Papers (CfPs) and approving CfPs that come to our network through our discussion feed. This work is light and can be particularly helpful to new and emerging scholars looking to gain a broad view of the field.

Debate and Discussion Series Editor: This editor would develop a regular series of posts to our subscribers focused on generating debates about scholarship and pedagogy in our field. The work involved includes developing the posts, moderating responses as they come in, and conducting outreach to scholars in the field to encourage their participation.

Book Review Editor: This person will commission and edit reviews of books and other scholarly materials through a formal system managed by our parent non-profit, H-Net. H-Net is widely recognized as a leading forum for timely scholarly reviews, and has published over 40,000 over the last 25 years. Review Editors have discretion, within the bounds of editorial policies, over which books they commission reviews of and who to contact as a reviewer.

Resource Specialist: we have the capacity to build a browse-able overview of the resources and institutions in our field, including lists of journals, research institutes, blogs, and related organizations. This work can be done incrementally and with the support of our subscribers.

There are other possibilities, depending on your interests. I’m eager to correspond with any scholar interested in volunteering, so please contact me at

With best wishes,