Relaunching H-SAfrica

Allison Drew's picture

Greetings all H-SAfrica subscribers. My name is Allison Drew. I am editor of H-SAfrica and am very happy to announce the network’s relaunch.

H-SAfrica is an interdisciplinary online network dedicated to the promotion of all aspects of South and Southern Africa history, society and culture, and of Southern African Studies in general. Over the years it has hosted some really valuable discussions and reviews.

It was initiated in 1996 by Keith Tankard, then at Rhodes University’s East London campus, so it’s almost as old as the ‘new’ South Africa. H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences Online, Rhodes University and the South African Historical Association sponsored its launch, and it was run for many years by a great team of dedicated volunteers.

In his welcome letter Keith Tankard wrote: "H-SAfrica can be compared to a cross between an academic journal and a friendly academic newspaper ... we hope that you will join with us in mature discussions of on-going research, of articles and academic papers, books and journals, methods of teaching and debates on historiography ... H-SAfrica invites you to submit bibliographies and syllabi, guides to term papers and lists of any new sources or archives that you have come across."

That’s an ambitious agenda, and I’m hoping to recruit some more volunteers.

The global Covid pandemic, which caught us all by surprise, has caused much pain and disruption, particularly in Africa, where vaccines are in very short supply. We are gradually rethinking how to communicate in the pandemic and post-pandemic world. I hope that H-SAfrica will help to reconnect people dedicated to South and Southern African Studies.

I am particularly interested in developing discussion threads and commissioning roundtables on key issues connecting the past and present and in linking to digital resources.

With best wishes,