Fingoes in Matabeleland

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Hi everyone. I am trying to find out the names of anyone who might have been part of the Fingo settler party to Matabeleland, c.1900.

Many thanks, Natasha

Hi Natasha, there are some references to Fingo-es in Matabeleland in my 2012 book, Ethnicity in Zimbabwe. Just check on the Index under Fingo or migrations, African people for more. BUT common names are: Martha NGano; Titus Hlazo; C.C. Ngcebetsha; Chief Kona, and others.

hope this helps

E. Msindo
Rhodes University

Hi Natasha,

I'm also interested in (black and coloured) settlers from South Africa who went to Matabeleand around this time and I'm beginning to follow up various footnotes mentioning 'Cape boys' and 'Colonial Natives' in the archives. So far, Ranger's chapter in 'The African Voice' - 'The South African Influence' and Gann's History of Southern Rhodesia, early days to 1934 are the main secondary sources I know of that discuss this group of migrants/settlers, although there may be more references in the South African literature that I am less familiar with. I'd be interested to hear what comes of this discussion. Can I ask what is your broader interest in this group?

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Zoe Groves