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Apartheid - The Global Itinerary: South African Cultural Formations in Transnational Circulation, 1948-1990

Ph.D. Fellowships

The European Research Council (ERC) project “Apartheid—The Global Itinerary: South African Cultural Formations in Transnational Circulation, 1948-1990” under the direction of Dr. Louise Bethlehem (English & The Program in Cultural Studies) is offering up to two Ph.D. scholarships for up to five years to outstanding doctoral candidates in the fields of English or Comparative Literature, African Studies, Cultural Studies, Theater/Performance Studies, Communications or History, beginning on October 1st 2015.

Successful applicants selected by the University will receive a monthly stipend of 7,400 NIS (approximately $1,800) for each 12 months of their service in the project and full tuition for the corresponding period. They will be part of a research team operating in the Faculty of Humanities at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, investigating the transnational diffusion of South African cultural formations during the Cold War. Successful candidates will be given offices in the Faculty of Humanities and will be able to draw on the accumulated data of the research team for their own research. They are expected to participate in the project’s research seminar and related activities.

Successful candidates must be registered as students at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem by October 1st 2015.  They must conform to the requirements of Ph.D. students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For more information see:

For New Candidates:

The final date for submitting candidacy for the Ph.D. is:

1.7.2015- Israeli Candidates

1.5.2015 - Foreign Candidates


Submission Criteria (All Candidates)

* Proven academic excellence

* Disciplinary training in English, Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, Communications, Theater/ Performance Studies, Musicology,  African Studies, or History

* A robust ability to negotiate interdisciplinary intellectual environments

* Excellent command of English

* Language skills in any of the following will be considered an advantage: Afrikaans, Dutch, French, German, Isizulu, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.


For Students in English, Comparative Literature or Theater/Performance Studies:

* Familiarity with models of literary history and historiography or theater history

* Sound knowledge at least one of the following fields: African and/or South African and/or postcolonial literature, theater or performance

* Competence in literary and critical theory

For Students in Cultural Studies, Musicology or Communications

* Sound knowledge of semiotics and critical theory, particularly transnational paradigms including Black Atlantic, Indian Ocean, postcolonial and subaltern studies

* Expertise in visual culture, material culture or musicology

For Students in African Studies or History

* Sound knowledge of contemporary African and South African history with an emphasis on decolonization

* Working knowledge of Cold-War history and historiography


Interested individuals are requested to submit one copy of the following documents:

Curriculum vitae (including language proficiency)

 Transcript of grades

 Evaluation of M.A. thesis (if available)

 Ph.D. research proposal and document describing relevance to the research agendas of the project

Two letters of recommendation to be sent directly to the Administrative Director of the project, Maya Roudner:

 A writing sample: dissertation chapter, M.A. thesis or paper that has been accepted for publication



Candidates may be required to present themselves for an interview with the project director, whether in the offices of the Faculty of the Humanities, Mt. Scopus campus, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, or via Skype.


Please send materials BY NO LATER THAN April 24, 2015 in hard copy to:

Maya Roudner, Administrative Director

ERC Apartheid Project

Room 6809 Humanities Building

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mt. Scopus, 91905


AND electronically in a single PDF file to  in the following format: your surname, ATGI PHD.

A full description of the project is available on request from Maya Roudner: