H-Empire Symposium - Race, Class, and Nationalism in the Caribbean - 14 July 2pm (GMT-4)

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H-Empire Symposium - 14 July 2022, 2pm (GMT-4)
Race, Class and Nationalism after Empire:
The Fundamentals of the Caribbean Situation

The interest by Western academics in decolonization and reparations for colonial occupation is a welcome turn, especially after the considerable amount of work done by postcolonial scholars in previous decades on these topics. If there is any sense that these are well worn arguments, it is because as CLR James concluded in the 2nd edition of The Black Jacobins, “In 1963, the old colonial system is not what it was in 1863; in 1863 it was not what it had been in 1763 or 1663. The fundamentals, outlined above however, have not changed.” To advance the goal of amplifying Caribbean-based researchers currently writing about the fundamentals, this symposium will discuss the politics of race, class and nationalism ‘after Empire.’

Five invited speakers will present their ideas on this theme. In their collective expression, these presentations can help the audience trace some of the issues that traverse the contemporary political, economic, and social geography of the Caribbean. The symposium will show that notions of racial identity have changed over time, but this series of reformations is not independent of class rule and nationalism either. The presenters will examine these dynamics through case studies of political organizations, hardships, and ideology in order to take a radical debate forward to concentrate on what is essentially the ongoing struggle for liberation in the wake of imperialism.

Join Zoom Meeting link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83448088766?pwd=RkZ1bkpDWUU0bjFPVlVhWVdxSndQQT09



14;00: Introduction and Welcoming Remarks

Scott Timcke, H-Empire


14:05 - 14:50: Panel 1: Rewriting Imperial Narratives

Stanley H. Griffin, UWI-Mona, Race, Class, and Nationalism in the Leeward Islands, 

Savrina Chinien, UWI-St Augustine, Beyond the Coloniality of Power, 

Kimberly J. Palmer, Independent Scholar, Garifuna Deportees and Land Defense in the Bay of Trujillo

Moderated by Antonia Mungal, UWI-St-Augustine


14:50 - 16:30: Panel 2: Beliefs and Betterment

Kirtie Algoe, Anton de Kom University, Social Struggles in Suriname, 

Shelene Gomes, UWI-St Augustine, ‘Better Mus Come’: Betterment and Aspiration in the Caribbean

Moderated by Juan Vicente Iborra Mallent, UNAM Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


Scott Timcke and Shelene Gomes are co-editors of The Politics of Race, Class and Nationalism in the 21st Century Caribbean (forthcoming University of Georgia Press, 700pp). This symposium will showcase the work of some of the contributors to this collection. 

For more information please contract Scott Timcke at stimck@gmail.com