Arkhiv kniazia Vorontsova

Published: 1870-1897

Dates covered: 1714-1856

Edited by Petr Bartenev, these are the archives of three generations of the Vorontsov family, among the most influential princely clans of the imperial period. Mikhail Larionovich (1714-1767) was chancellor under Elizabeth; Roman Larionovich (1707-1783) was a general, senator, and governor-general of multiple provinces; Aleksandr Romanovich (1741-1805) was chancellor, president of the College of Commerce, and occupied other important posts under Catherine II and Alexander I; Semën Romanovich (1744-1832) served as ambassador to Great Britain for over two decades; Mikhail Semënovich (1782-1856) was viceroy of the Caucasus and Bessarabia under Nicholas I. A detailed breakdown of the documents is contained in the final volume.


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