ASEEES panel on Russian diaspora

I am hoping to organize (or join!) an ASEEES panel on topics relating to Russian diasporas. I am currently writing a paper on Russian tourists and asylum seekers in Guam since 1992. While my interest is in post-Soviet diapsoras, the panel I'm imagining would potentially cover diasporic communities from the late empire to today. I can be reached at rasmussenc@triton.uog.edu. My name is Chris Rasmussen.

New Book: It's Only a Joke, Comrade! Humour, Trust and Everyday Life under Stalin

Dear colleagues,

I'm excited to announce the publication of my book, which I hope will be of interest to you, and might also provide some unusual and engaging teaching material:

Jonathan Waterlow, It's Only a Joke, Comrade! Humour, Trust and Everyday Life under Stalin


In the shadow of the Gulag, Soviet citizens were still cracking jokes. They had to.

ASEEES 2020: Panel on Soviet Photography

For ASEEES 2020, I am organizing a panel on the history of photography in the Soviet Union. Relevant topics for the panel include photography in Soviet periodicals such as USSR in Construction and Soviet Photo, aesthetic debates in Soviet photography, understudied Soviet photographers, careers of Soviet women photographers and photojournalists, Soviet photography clubs, Soviet photography exhibitions, and the like.

ASEEES Music Study Group: 2020 Roundtable CFP + Officer Elections

Dear Friends,

I write with exciting updates about the future progress of the ASEEES Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian Music Study Group. I will address two items below: 1) The election of new officers, and 2) Our sponsored panel/roundtable for ASEEES 2020.


1) After creating and adopting formal Bylaws at the end of 2019, we are now ready to elect new officers, who will take office on March 1, 2020. To that end, we are now soliciting nominations for the following offices:





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