Special issue on V. K. Arsenev

Vladimir Kladeevich Arsenev achieved some measure of international fame through is novel (and later film) Dersu Usala.  However, this favorite son of the Russian Far East was far more than a novelist.  He was an active scientist, ethnographer, traveler, and civil servant amongst other occupations.   Living through a major period of Russian colonization in the region and the transition to Soviet power, Arsenev’s life and work also encompassed some of the region’s most important events.   Sibirica issues a call for articles assessing Arsenev’s place in the history of the Ru

Call for Applications: The Open Research Laboratory at Illinois

Spots are still available for the Open Research Lab (ORL), August 27 and September 29, 2018! A great time to follow-up on summer research or fit in research early in the academic year -  this program is aimed at scholars who wish to visit the University of Illinois in order to work in our Library's famous collections in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies.


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