Recent Russian Cinema: Two Sample Syllabi

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Nancy Condee, Alexander Prokhorov, and Elena Prokhorova, editors of the recently published Cinemasaurus: Russian Film in Contemporary Context, have created two sample syllabi using the book to teach courses on recent Russian cinema.

An undergraduate-level syllabus is available here:

A graduate-level syllabus is available here:

The book includes interviews with major media figures such as producer Alexander Rodnyansky (Leviathan, Elena) and Festival Artistic Director Sitora Alieva (Kinotavr Film Festival). The twelve contributors are recent (and current) PhD Russian film students, with framing essays by more established colleagues. The volume is unusual because it is closely tied to the film industry itself.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

Stephen M. Norris

Note on Transliteration and Translations

Cinemasaurus: Introduction
Nancy Condee, Alexander Prokhorov, and Elena Prokhorova

Part One. Borders of Imperial Desire

Framing Essay
Nancy Condee

1. Imperial Fatigue: Somnambulants, Ghosts, and Monsters
Olga Kim

2. Empire Reloaded: Sacred Power in a Postmodern Era
Justin Wilmes

3. Russia’s Quiet Other: Dmitrii Mamuliia’s Another Sky and Aleksandr Kott’s The Test
Ellina Sattarova

Part Two. Hilarity and Horror

Framing Essay
Alexander Prokhorov and Elena Prokhorova

4. Laughing Apocalypse: Horror and/as Comedy
Daria Ezerova

5. Eccentricity, Theatricality, and the Grotesque
Robert Crane

6. Privatized Violence in the New Russian Cinema
Denis Saltykov

Part Three. Evropsk or Russia?

Framing Essay
Seth Graham

7. Fragments of Empire: The Heartland in Post-Soviet Film
Zhanna Budenkova

8. Russia on the Margins?
Tetyana Shlikhar

9. Contending Alterities: Drag Show, Roma Camp . . .
Trevor Wilson

Part Four. The Ideological Occult

Framing Essay
Petre Petrov

10. Past, Present, and Posthumous Fathers: Cinepaternity Reloaded
Theodora Trimble

11. New Auteurism: The Case of Mikhalkov and Bekmambetov
Olga Mukhortova

12. Elki: The Most Profitable Franchise of the Putin Era
Beach Gray

Part Five. Interviews

13. The Mediascape: Alexander Rodnyansky (CEO, AR Films, Non-Stop Production)
14. The Festival: Sitora Alieva (Program Director, Kinotavr)
15. The Exhibition Space: Paul Heth (CEO, Rising Star Media; Karo Film Holding)
16. The Film Journal: Birgit Beumers (KinoKultura, UK)
17. The Film Symposium: Vladimir Padunov (Russian Film Symposium, US)

Notes on the Contributors
Works Cited

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