Deaths of CIA Officers, Paul Dillon & Richard Reiser,

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Would anyone have information regarding the death of two CIA case officers? The two agents - Richard Reiser and Paul Dillion - handled GRU General Dmitri Polyakov. Reiser handled Polyakov in Mosow and Dillon in India. Both men died from a rare but fatal lung ailment that exhibited the same symptoms. I met Paul at the farm when he was not well and was more or less on his last legs. I got to know Richard Reiser quite well during his lasst tours in Greece and in Vienna. Later a friendly KYP (Greek intelligence) officer sent me transcripts of phone calls beteween myself and Richard from shortly after the Sergei Bokan's - Deputy Chief of the GRU in Greece - defection, in which Richard was able to get Bokan out of Soviet hands after Rick Ames had exposed him. Oddly, there was no Agency investigation or exposure of these likely murders.

Paul Dillion's daughter recently published a book about her father, and I am interested in hearing more from any member who knows anything about the entire affair.

Walter McIntosh

Former Chief Agency Disguise Unit, and former Chief Vietnam Operations