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Pushkin Review 21 is now available online through Project Muse (https://muse.jhu.edu/issue/41670). Print copies are available through Slavica Publishers (https://slavica.indiana.edu/journalListings/pushkin). This is a special issue publishing pieces from the first Princeton Pushkinalia Conference, along with other materials.

Congratulations to incoming editors Joe Peschio (University of Wisconsin-Milwaulkee) and Igor Pilschikov (University of California-Los Angeles)! To submit an article or translation, plese contact the editors (peschio@uwm.edu and pilshchikov@ucla.edu). For book reviews, contact Katya Hokanson (hokanson@uoregon.edu).


Table of Contents


"Introducing the Pushkinalia" (Ilya Vinitsky, Michael Wachtel)

"Из бумаг И. Е. Великопольского: К истории его ссоры с Пушкиным в августе 1826-ого года" (Alexey Balakin)

"Pushkin's 'To the Slanderers of Russia': The Slavic Question, Imperial Anxieties, and Geopolitics" (Edyta M. Bojanowska)

"'Вот муза, резвая болтунья…': Poetic Form as a Window onto Pushkin's Playful Ethical 'Doublespeak'" (Alyssa Dinega Gillespie)

"«Медный всадник»: Поэтическая символика в свете внешней политики" (Oleg Proskurin)

"Byron's Teeth: Alexander Pushkin and the Romantic Body" (Ilya Vinitsky)

"Pushkin's Turn to Folklore" (Michael Wachtel)



"Between Nation and Empire: Alexander Pushkin's The Captain's Daughter" (Irina Anisimova)

"Napoleon and Alexander I in Pushkin's Pre-exile Poetry" (Gary Rosenshield)



"'The Snowslide' and '…Again I visit'" (Alyssa Dinega Gillespie)

"'The Heavenly Language of Hellas': Pushkin's Elegiac Distichs" (James McGavran)



"Noble Subjects: The Russian Novel and the Gentry by Bella Grigoryan" (Emily Wang)

"How Russia Learned to Write: Literature and the Imperial Table of Ranks by Irina Reyfman" (Kathleen Scollins)

"Challenging the Bard: Dostoevsky and Pushkin. A Study of a Literary Relationship by Gary Rosenshield" (Alexandra Smith)

"Acts of Logos in Pushkin and Gogol: Petersburg Texts and Subtexts by Kathleen Scollins" (Lev Nikulin)



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