Journal: New Issue (3/2019) of the Ab Imperio Journal and 2020 Annual Program reminder

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Dear Colleagues,

The latest issue of the Journal Ab Imperio (3/2019 “The Social Contract: In Theories and in Practices”) is now available at

In 2019, Ab Imperio invited contributors and readers to think about the ambivalence of the phenomenon of social strife in the context of the annual theme “Hybrid Conflicts and Diverse Societies: Civil Wars and Global Peace.” The present issue 3/2019, “The Social Contract: In Theories and in Practices,” focuses on the constructive effect of conflicts.


“Mutual Projections in Manchuria Excerpts from the forthcoming book Harbin, City between Russia and China: A Cross-cultural Biography” by Mark Gamsa.

“Center, Periphery, and Diversity in the Late Imperial Far East: New Historiography of a Russian Region” by Sergei Glebov

“Russian Empire and the Muslims of Semipalatinsk: Power Imbalance and Heterogeneous Communities at the end of the Nineteenth Century” (article in Russian) by Pavel Shabley

“Elder Brother, Loyal Friend, and The Stalinist Myth of War: Recasting Soviet Ethnic Hierarchy, 1945–1953” by Jonathan Brunstedt

 “The Improbable Museum: Igor Savitsky's Art Museum in Nukus as an Artifact of Postwar Soviet Reality” by Zukhra Kasimova and a document publication “The Improbable Museum” in Archival Documents (in Russian)

This issue also pays tribute to Mark von Hagen (1954–2019), who was a member of Ab Imperio’s Editorial Board. Sergey Glebov, Alexander Semyonov, Yaroslav Hrytsak, Andrii Portnov, and Glennys Young share their recollections of Mark. His professional trajectory – from a historian of war to a participant in the creation of a new modern field of Ukrainian History – adds an additional shade to a complex picture emerging in the pages of this issue of the journal.

The issue also contains an extended section of book reviews.

Ab Imperio Quarterly is an international humanities and social sciences peer-reviewed journal dedicated to studies in new imperial history and the interdisciplinary and comparative study of nationalism and nationalities in the post-Soviet space. The Journal serves as an international forum for scholars reflecting on historical and contemporary encounters with diversity in composite societies.

Ab Imperio 2020 Annual Program is available at

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