CfP for a Cahiers du monde russe special issue "The Political and Social History of Sexual and Gender Dissidence in the USSR and Post-Soviet Space" to be released in 2021

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Please find hereafter the CALL FOR PAPERS for a special issue launched by Cahiers du monde russe, to be released in 2021

“The Political and Social History of Sexual and Gender Dissidence 
in the USSR and Post-Soviet Space”


Editors: Arthur Clech (EHESS, Paris), Dan Healey (St Antony’s College, Oxford)

Whether in the Russian Empire, the USSR, or in the newly independent successor states of the region, power framed homosexuality in various ways, sometimes directly leading to medical or legal repression, other times leading to forms of social censure. The Soviet experience offers a sufficiently singular case to justify separate study: the Stalinist anti-sodomy law was enacted in each of the Soviet republican penal codes before the Second World War, while several of the post-war Warsaw Pact socialist states of Central and Eastern Europe either lacked such a law, or eliminated it. In the Soviet republics, there were notable differences in the penalties for sodomy in the law, and such differences in approach would on occasion increase after the dismemberment of the USSR.

Cahiers du monde russe wishes to investigate “sexual and gender dissidence” in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. We wish to take account of medical-legal regulation of this dissent, but also illuminate the effects that this regulation doubtless had on queer subjectivities: moments of self-oppression, denunciation, counter-discourses and other strategies of survival.

Analyses of literary and artistic works are welcomed for they may constitute the most likely place for the construction of queer subjectivities. Likewise, the LGBT press of the 1990s and early 2000s, emerging in the capitals and the provinces, with its readers’ voices reflected in correspondence and other materials, offers opportunities to hear and analyse queer voices. 


Titles and abstracts submission deadline: 6 September 2019. 

Short project abstracts (500 words maximum) should be sent tosovgenderdissent_cmr[at]

Please include name, institutional affiliation, and email address in all correspondence.

Authors of selected proposals will be notified by 20 October 2019.

Languages: French, English, Russian.

Manuscripts submission deadline: 20 May 2020.

Maximum article length: 11,000 words (space characters and notes included)

Publication date: July-September 2021.

For additional information, please contact:

EditorsArthur ClechDan Healey sovgenderdissent_cmr[at]  or  Valérie Mélikiancmr[at]


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