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Pushkin Review 20 is now available from Project Muse: https://muse.jhu.edu/issue/39938

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From the Archives of Pushkin Scholarship: Three Essays, edited by Michael Wachtel

Michael Wachtel
Introduction      1

Mark Azadovsky
The Sources of Pushkin’s Fairy Tales (Translated by James McGavran)     5

Yuri Lotman
The Duel (Translated by Laura E. Christians)     41

Mikhail Gasparov
The Semantic Aura of Pushkin’s Trochaic Tetrameter (Translated by Michael Wachtel)     55

Pushkin Is Our Comrade: Mikhail Lifshitz and Andrei Platonov on the Legacy of Russia’s Classic Writer in the Soviet 1930s, edited by Ania Aizman, Jason Cieply, and Pavel Khazanov

Pavel Khazanov
Mikhail Lifshitz and the Dialectical Politics of Art in the USSR     67

Mikhail Lifshitz
On Pushkin. Letter to G. M. Fridlender, 8 April 1938 (Translated by Pavel Khazanov)     75

Jason Cieply
Andrei Platonov and the “Living Dialectic” of the “Pushkinian Person”     87

Andrei Platonov
Pushkin Is Our Comrade (Translated by Ania Aizman)     101

Andrei Platonov
Pushkin and Gorky (Translated by Jason Cieply)     117


Geoff Cebula
Pushkin and the Death of the Poet in Alexander Vvedensky’s “Where. When”     141


Alyssa Dinega Gillespie
Michael Wachtel. A Commentary to Pushkin’s Lyric Poetry: 1826– 1836. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2011. 404 pp.
ISBN 978-029928544-9     159

Emily Wang
Joe Peschio. The Poetics of Impudence and Intimacy in the Age of Pushkin. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2012.
xii + 160 pp. ISBN 978-0-299-29044-3      163

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