Special Issue: The Global Impact of the Russian Revolution, Revolutionary Russia 31, 2 (2018)

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Revolutionary Russia


Special Issue: The Global Impact of the Russian Revolution


From Lenin’s Overcoat? the Global Impact of the Russian Revolution
Aaron B. Retish and Matthew Rendle 145 

Forum: The Global Legacy of the Russian Revolution?

The Global Legacy of the Russian Revolution: A Comparative Perspective
Steven G. Marks 152

The Global Legacy of the Russian Revolution: A Comparative Perspective
Paul Dukes 175

The On-going Legacy of February: A Response to Steven G. Marks
Daniel Orlovsky 189

Centennial Thoughts on an Exhausted (?) Revolution
Christopher Read 194


Interview with S. A. Smith
George Souvlis, Arturo Zoffmann Rodriguez and S. A. Smith 208 


Anarcho-Syndicalism and the Russian Revolution: Towards a Political Explanation of a Fleeting Romance, 1917–22

Arturo Zoffmann Rodriguez 226 

Glory to the Russian Maximalists!’ Reactions to the Russian Revolution in Argentina and Brazil, 1917–22
Franziska Yost 247

The Russian Revolution and the Emergence of Japanese Anticommunism
Tatiana Linkhoeva 261

Youthful Internationalism in the Age of ‘Socialism in One Country’: Komsomol’tsy, Pioneers and ‘World Revolution’ in the Interwar Period
Matthias Neumann 279


Book Reviews

Rachel Morley, Performing Femininity: Woman as Performer in Early Russian Cinema
Susan Grant 304 

Elizabeth McGuire, Red at Heart: How Chinese Communists Fell in Love with the Russian Revolution
Rachel Lin 306 

C. L. R. James, World Revolution 1917–1936. The Rise and Fall of the Communist International
Fredrik Petersson 308 

Lynne Viola, Stalinist Perpetrators on Trial. Scenes From the Great Terror in Soviet Ukraine
Immo Rebitschek 310 

Melissa Kirschke Stockdale, Mobilizing the Russian Nation: Patriotism and Citizenship
in the First World War
John W. Steinberg 312 

Lara Douds, Inside Lenin’s Government: Ideology, Power, and Practice in the Early Soviet
Michael Melancon 314 

Boris Gorshkov, Peasants in Russia from Serfdom to Stalin: Accommodation, Survival, Resistance
Kieran Nelson 316 

List of Russian Publications, 2018 319 


The Non-Geometric Carter Elwood (1936–2018): An Appreciation
Lars T. Lih 323