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Dear Colleagues,

I would be most grateful for any advice on obtaining permission to publish drawings and photographs that were published in the 1950s and 1960s in the Soviet magazines and newspapers listed below.  Contact information for those among them that were revived under new names anytime after 1991 (e.g. Novyi Krokodil) would also be greatly appreciated.  My internet searches have thus far proved fruitless.

Dekorativnoe iskusstvo SSSR



Vechernii Leningrad

and the "mnogotirazhnaia" Leningrad newspaper Stroitel'

Please feel free to contact me off the list at cvargah@ilstu.edu


Christine Varga-Harris,

Associate Professor

Department of History

Illinois State University




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I have a similar query--I'd like to reproduce a photograph from the magazine Otchizna.  Any suggestions?

Robert Cherny, professor emeritus, San Francisco State University.



Those of you who have recently sent out queries regarding permissions:

Would you mind sharing any responses you have received with the whole list? I'm sure I'm not the only one who could benefit from advice regarding permissions. I will need to deal with that soon.

Thank you!

Audra Yoder

UNC Chapel Hill