TOC: The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review Volume 44, Number 3 (2017)

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TOC: The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review Volume 44, Number 3 (2017)


Svetlana Y. Ter-Grigoryan, Sexism on the Silver Screen: Misogyny and Cultural Continuity in Soviet Glasnost Cinema, 1987–1991

Svetlana Malysheva, “Mass Graves” and the “Burial Grounds of Enemies”: The Symbolic Significance of Mass Burials in Soviet Russia/USSR, 1920s–1940s («Бpaтcкиe мoгилы» и «вpaжecкиe мoгильники»: cимвoличecкoe oзнaчивaниe мaccoвыx зaxopoнeний в Coвeтcкoй Poccии/CCCP 1920-x–1940-x гoдoв)

Jessica Werneke, Reimagining the History of the Avant-garde: Photography and the Journal Sovetskoe foto in the 1950s and Early 1960s

Marcin Kosienkowski, The Gagauz Republic: An Autonomism-Driven De Facto State

Andrei Znamenski, Joseph Grigulevich: A Tale of Identity, Soviet Espionage, and Storytelling

Review Article

James M. White and Alexander S. Palkin, Religion and Nationalism in Modern Russia; Or the Uses and Abuses of Edinoverie

Book Reviews

Wendy Z. Goldman and Donald Filtzer, eds., Hunger and War: Food Provisioning in the Soviet Union During World War II (Robert Dale)

Edward Cohn, The High Title of a Communist: Postwar Party Discipline and the Values of the Soviet Regime (Alexander Titov)

Maya Balakirsky Katz, Drawing the Iron Curtain: Jews and the Golden Age of Soviet Animation (Natalie Kononenko)

Richard Pipes, Alexander Yakovlev: The Man Whose Ideas Delivered Russia from Communism (Graeme Gill)

Petre M. Petrov, Automatic for the Masses: The Death of the Author and the Birth of Socialist Realism (Alexander Prokhorov)

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