Russian Intellectual History: Historia Nova interviews

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Dear colleagues,


I am writing to call your attention to an engaging exchange of views by the 2017 Historia Nova laureates, their publishers, and the Historia Nova Jury Chair on the current status of intellectual history in US Russian studies, posted on All the Russias (Jordan Center, NYU).  Participants include Irina Prokhorova (Historia Nova Jury Chair, Editor-in-Chief, NLO), Michael David-Fox (Georgetown), Slava Gerlovitch (MIT), and Ilya Vinitsky (Princeton), as well as directors of two major presses (Igor Nemirovsky at Academic Studies Press and Peter Kracht at University of Pittsburgh Press), whose volumes were recognized this year.  See

·         Part One: “3 Questions: Russian intellectual history as a practice and project (Historia Nova Interviews).”

·         Part Two: “Talking with Scholarly Publishers (Historia Nova Prize).”

 Happy reading…  Best, Nancy Condee


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