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Dear H-Russia Subscribers,


I’d like to take a moment to encourage you to make a donation to H-Net’s 25th Anniversary fundraising campaign. H-Russia continues to be an important place for scholars in our fields to share ideas, publications, and to find others with whom to collaborate on our work. The support of our parent organization, H-Net, allows us to continue to provide these services and our shared professional space here at H-Russia.


In my nearly eight years involved with H-Net, I have seen the value it adds to our profession and have been continually impressed by the H-Net Home Office staff’s devotion to supporting our community, our scholarship, and the professional values that animate us. H-Net supports informed dialogs, maintains a permanent, searchable database so rare on today’s internet, has been resolute in its devotion to protecting its users’ data and privacy, and is fertile ground in which scholars in all stages of their careers can grow.


Your donation will ensure H-Net is able to uphold those values and carry them into the future and that H-Russia will continue to be a public square where scholars in our fields can meet.


Best wishes and thank you for your support.


Doug Priest, H-Russia Editor