publications on Imperial Russian Gendarmes division?

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I have been looking unsuccessfully for publications, in any language, about the Imperial Russian uniformed state security police (the Gendarmes), particularly in the Polish provinces during World War One. All I find is on the Okhrana. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hey Cynthia,

There isn't much, I think, not too good, and mostly local history (though I cannot think of anything specifically on Poland). Are you familiar with this site ?
If you, by the way, are interested in regular police, try this:
As for zhandarmskii korpus - some of the articles here might be useful: ; this is not too good, but still might be of use The same about this
Sorry I gave links for Ozon, but I just thought it will make your search easier.
You might find memoirs of Novitskii and Spiridovich useful even though they deal with an earlier period than you require.

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Inna Shtakser.

Sorry, just saw this. Personally for you: . And this also: . And this

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There is the book edited by V. Yzmozik. It's devoted to history of Russian gendarmes.жандармы+1914..1918&source=bl&ots=mvSbn59HVx&sig=5l3DQU6S-cSEvzuJ5_ymbgXD-do&hl=ru&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwisiYfGl43VAhXjdpoKHWeLAXsQ6AEIZzAQ#v=onepage&q&f=false

Thank you so much, Inna Shtakser and Iaroslav Golubinov, for the resources you've directed me to on the Russian Gendarmes. They are hugely helpful! I'm relieved to know that there are some publications on them.

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