Suggestions for Primary Sources in English Translation

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Good day, colleagues -

I've been the fortunate recipient of a grant to purchase Russian and Central Eurasian primary sources in English translation for my university's library.  As we haven't had anyone who teaches Russian or Central Eurasian history on campus for many years prior to my arrival, the collection is quite slim.  So, given a chance for a shopping spree, what sources would you recommend so that students with only English reading skills can craft reasonably well founded research papers on the gamut of Russian and Central Eurasian history?  Feel free to reply to the group or offline.  Thank you!



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What a fun task! I'd like to recommend two art-related sources that would benefit both history and art history/cultural studies students:

  • John Bowlt, Russian Art of the Avant-Garde (Thames & Hudson) - long out of print, but available used and still very useful
  • Russian and Soviet Views of Modern Western Art, 1890s-mid-1930s,  ed. Ilia Dorontchenkov (Berkeley, 2009)

I'm sure others have other suggestions.

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Yelena Kalinsky

For world war II era primary sources in English, David Glantz has a good number of exclusive materials found here. Some are in translation and others are graphic enough, like atlases, to be understood by an English speaking scholar.