Southampton CEEES event Wed 10 May: Nicola Ramsden, Director, BEARR Trust: Supporting the humanitarian front in Ukraine, Poland and Moldova, Location: Online (zoom)

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Dear all, 

You are welcome to attend the latest event in the CEEES seminar series on the War in Ukraine, which focuses on the humanitarian crisis and the efforts of NGOs – in particular, the London-based BEARR Trust – to mitigate the catastrophic effects of Russia’s invasion. 

Seminar: Supporting the humanitarian front in Ukraine, Poland and Moldova, Wed 10 May

Speaker: Nicola Ramsden, Director, BEARR Trust

Humanitarian organizations have played a critical role in assisting and protecting millions of people affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Amongst them has been the London-based BEARR Trust, which was first established in 1991 to help mitigate the catastrophic effects of the collapse of the USSR on health and welfare in the region. The war prompted BEARR to re-establish this emergency role, and it has raised and distributed several hundreds of thousands of pounds to NGOs on the ground in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, and other countries affected by the humanitarian crisis. In this seminar, Director of the BEARR Trust Nicola Ramsden talks about the challenges faced both by BEARR and by the organisations it has assisted, as well those that lie ahead. 

Nicola Ramsden has been Chairman of The BEARR Trust since June 2018. She has been a BEARR Trustee since 1997. She worked for the Bank of England and NatWest Investment Bank and has an MBA from the London Business School. From 1992 to 1997 she worked on economic reform and capital markets programmes with an international consultancy in Russia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. In 1996 she was elected the first President of the charity Action for Russia’s Children.

 Location: Online (zoom) and Centenary Building (100), Room 4013, Highfield Campus, 16:00-17:15. Wed 10 May

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