RGIA File: Transcription needed

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Hi there,

I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on getting someone to transcribe (not translate) a file from the Russian State Historical Archive and how much it would cost (or put me in touch with some people who may be able to help - my email address is at the end of this post) nbsp; All I'd need is a Word file, in Russian, with the documents copied out with page numbers and information who each file/letter is to and from.

I am a PHD student in UCL-SSEES, working on the 1891-92 famine in Russia, using Tambov province as a case study. While I was able to get most of everything I need from the archive on a research trip in 2013, there is still one file I need but unfortunately due to time and financial constraints, I am not able to get back this year. It should be a fairly interesting file as Baron Rokasovskii, the Governor of Tambov Province at the time of the famine, was dismissed in 1896 for apparent 'abuse of power'.

It's f. 1284, op. 45 d. 158 (from 1881), 'О назначенной состоящаго при МВД фил-адютант подполковника Барона Рокасовского Екатеринославским Вице-Губернатором и Тамбовским губернатором'. The file is 218 листок in size and the date range is 1881-1896.

Obviously I would pay whoever agreed appropriately for doing it, with an initial payment and the rest once I've received the Word/Pdf file. I imagine it would take just over a week to do (once the file arrives) so would be suitable for a doctoral or Master's student.

I would be grateful for any advice (especially as this is my first time posting to H-Net. You can contact me at bartley.rock@gmail.com

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Bartley Rock
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University College London, School of Slavonic and East European Studies