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Volume 21, Issue 3


Local Approaches to Cultures of Northeastern Siberia

Jessica Kantarovich


Questions of Synonymy and Antonymy in the Even Language

Stepanida N. Savvinova, Iya I. Sadovnikova, and Elena V. Nesterova

The Specifics of Even Folklore: Genre Composition and Regional Features

Sardana Sharina and Raisa Kuzmina

The Functioning of the Anabar Dolgan Language and the Dialect Vocabulary of the Sakha Language

Ninel V. Malysheva, Marina I. Kysylbaikova, and Aitalina V. Timofeeva

Is the Reindeer Run Endless? Narratives of the Northern Nomad

Vanda B. Ignatyeva, Ekaterina N. Romanova, and Liudmila S. Zamorshchikova

Urban Population Identities and Symbolic Value: Cities in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Natalia K. Danilova, Irena S. Khokholova, Kiunnei A. Pestereva, Alena G. Tomaska, and Alina P. Vasileva

Representation of Languages in the Linguistic Landscape of the City of Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha

Lidiya Manchurina and Marianna Samsonova

The Language Situation in the Eveno-Bytantaiskii National District of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Antonina Vinokurova, Irena Khokholova, Boris Osipov, Stepan Pavlov, Yana Tokhtobina, and Vilyuyana Platonova


Arctic Indigenous Peoples and Intellectual Property Law

Anatoly N. Sleptsov, Irina A. Sleptsova, Antonina A. Vinokurova, and Alina A. Nakhodkina

Book Reviews

Lenore A. Grenoble and Adam Roth Singerman

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