Deadline approaching! Indiana University's Summer Language Program Priority Deadline is February 3, 2023.

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Explore a world of language! 

Languages are the windows from which we look at the world. They help us foster regional and cultural understanding and allow us to build the bridges necessary to address global challenges.

The Hamilton Lugar School's Language Workshop offers intensive in-person, online, and overseas programs that help you make rapid and lasting progress through work with instructors from some of the best and most innovative language training programs in the world. 
You will also go beyond the classroom to engage with language and culture through various activities, including conversation tables, networking events, and alumni presentations. 
Through formal classroom instruction, extracurricular activities, extensive use of authentic materials, and real-time interactions with instructors and presenters, this program develops the linguistic competence and cultural literacy 
of participants rapidly and effectively. Classes are conducted primarily in the language studied and emphasized developing interpersonal communication skills.

And don't worry. No matter your level, you will:
-Earn one year of coursework in 2 months
-Benefit from in-state tuition
-Have options for funding (all languages)

We offer three learning experiences: Overseas, IU Campus-based immersion, and an online option. 

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Application deadline: February 3, 2023
Apply at:

Questions? Write to us at or visit Virtual Office Hours Tuesdays and Fridays from 1-2 pm eastern at:

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