CfA USHMM Faculty Seminar: LGBTQ+ Histories of the Holocaust

The 2021 Jack and Anita Hess Faculty Seminar focuses on the history of LGBTQ+ people during the Holocaust, as well as the continued relevance of this history to understanding the discrimination that queer and trans people face today. The seminar will explore how the Nazi state persecuted, incarcerated, and interned men in concentration camps for the supposed crime of consensual sex with other men under §175 of the criminal code, with at least 5,000 perishing at the hands of Nazi state agents.

Russian History, vol. 47, nos. 1-2, 2020, Table of Contents, Halperin--Ivan the Terrible

Charles J. Halperin and Coming to Terms with Ivan the Terrible

Halperin, C. J. Ivan the Terrible: Free to Reward and Free to Punish. Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2019


Brian J. Boeck. The Lady Vanishes: The Death of Anastasiia and Ivan's Regression to Ancestral Evil

Sergei Bogatyrev. Ivan the Terrible and Philip the Prudent

Paul Bushkovitch. The Trojan War at the Court of Ivan the Terrible

Findings: T&F Area Studies researcher survey

The Area Studies team at Routledge, Taylor & Francis recently ran a researcher survey, with the aim of helping us to identify the future priorities of Area Studies researchers and informing the activities we focus on in support of Area Studies publishing, adding a more detailed evidence base to the informed feedback we regularly receive. Having thoroughly examined the responses received from those who completed the survey, we’re pleased to now be able to share a summary of these


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