Call for Contributors: Starting Points Blog Series

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H-Russia will be starting a series of new initiatives aimed at providing unique content to help researchers and educators who focus on Russian, Soviet, and Slavic studies as well as nearby regions. H-Russia is looking for interested contributors who are willing to write accessible blog posts, roughly 750-1000 words in length, as part of the series detailed below.

“Starting Points” Book or Article Series

Seeking to give researchers or educators a starting point when looking into a new topic, this series invites specialists to comment on the state of their field by highlighting three to five books or articles (and can be more than this too!) that they feel best exemplify the current state of their field. Often, scholars focusing on one topic may see their research expand into new areas. In the interest of sharing knowledge, this series allows scholars to contribute to their own fields by highlighting which works deserve special attention. Educators also often teach a variety of topics and sometimes may wish assistance in determining where to best start if teaching a new module on a specific topic, crafting a lecture, or determining course readings. Contributors, again, would focus on either teaching or research, and would explain why they chose the given books or articles. Over time, the hope is to have scholars in overlapping fields to engage in discussion with one another. In the process, they would make the blog unique, but also a helpful resource for a diversity of scholars to gain valuable insights on a variety of topics important to Russian, Soviet, and Slavic studies.

H-Russia is interested in contributions from PhD Candidates, Early Career Scholars, and Senior Scholars alike. We also are open to creative considerations of our aims for the series. For example, PhD Candidates who recently completed their comprehensive exams could pitch a list in which they respond to their readings and comment on how these readings influence their planned approach for their research or identify areas in need of further study. Senior scholars could look back at the books that initially inspired their methodologies and comment on how the field has changed over time.

Individuals interested in contributing to either of these series should email H-Russia ( ) or Network editor Oleksa Drachewych ( directly with their pitch. They should identify series to which they wish to contribute, and include a copy of their CV or a link to their faculty page. Pitches will be accepted on a rolling basis.

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