Resource for academic networking: IASFM compiled a list of Forced Migration Studies Networks on their website

Dear Refugees in African History Community, please see below an announcement shared by the IASFM about a list of Forced Migration Studies Networks that they are working on. To see the most updated version, please follow the link below:


Dear IASFM members and forced migration studies community

Call To Participate in a Workshop On Rethinking Knowledge Politics In Migration Research, Teaching & Practice

Recently, there has been a proliferation of representations of refugees, asylum seekers and irregular migrants waiting at land, sea as well as air border crossings headed towards Europe. These groups are often framed in highly emotive language that associates them with threats, or portrayed as either tragic or miserable, or as the exemplary citizen. There has also been an increase in emphasis on normative concepts such as ‘safe, orderly and regular migration’ in contemporary migration debates and policies; over and above already established ones such as ‘integration’.

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