Open Access, Transparent Peer Review - Full Session


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Race in the Era of the American Revolution - Full Session


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Migration and Empire

Chair: Julie Greene, University of Maryland, College Park
• Robert McGreevey, The College of New Jersey
• Julie Greene, University of Maryland, College Park
• Reena Goldthree, Princeton University
• Richard Kim, University of California, Davis

Doing Immigration History in the Present Political Climate

Chair: Jack Chin, University of California, Davis School of Law
Commentator: Thomas Guglielmo, George Washington University

From Research to Civic Engagement: Practical Steps for Historians and Everybody
John O’Keefe, Ohio University–Chillicothe

Rethinking and Retelling Immigration and Citizenship in Public History
Rachel Feinmark, Lower East Side Tenement Museum

Indigenous Legal Borderlands in North America

Chair: Patricia Limerick, Center of the American West
Commentators: Eric Meeks, Northern Arizona University; Michel Hogue, Carleton University

The Courtroom as Site of Colonial Contact: Encounters between Western and Indigenous Legal Tradition in Alaska’s Territorial Courts
Andrea Geiger, Simon Fraser University

Bloodlines and Boundary Lines: Blackfoot Bands and Families along the U.S.-Canada Border, 1870–1915
Jeffrey Shepherd, University of Texas at El Paso


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