Working Historians Season 2 Trailer

Rob Denning and Jimmy Fennessy host Working Historians, a podcast series where we interview history professionals about their academic and professional backgrounds, their historical research, and, generally, what they do all day. Season 1 lasted for four years, and then Rob put the show on haitus, but we're coming back for Season 2, which will be bigger and better than ever. In the trailer for Season 2, Rob and Jimmy share what they hope to do in upcoming episodes. New full episodes will resume in May or June.

Invitation, Survivor of 3 Camps, Age 97, Fred Terna. March 1st. 12:00 p.m. RSVP, Touro College, NYC.

Join us to hear from a survivor of three concentration camps, Terezin, Auschwitz & Dachau. Frederick Terna is age 97 and devoting his precious time to relaying his story. Please RSVP at:


CFP: Between War and Mass Murder: 80 Years to Operation ‘Barbarossa', WGC 22 and 24 June 2021

The Holocaust Studies Program of the Western Galilee College is inviting proposals for an international conference commemorating 80 years to Operation "Barbarossa" and the initial phase of the "Final Solution" 
For over half a century historians have treated the 22 June 1941 as the most significant date in the annals of the Second World War. David Glantz aptly called it "When Titans Clashed", and indeed the clash of the Titans it was.  

Podcasts of interest to Latin Americanists to Jan. 15, 2021

Podcasts of Interest to Latin Americanists to Jan. 15



Sharika D. Crawford – The Last Turtlemen of the Caribbean: Waterscapes of Labor, Conservation, and Boundary Making


Claire M. Wolnisty - A Different Manifest Destiny : U. S. Southern Identity and Citizenship in Nineteenth-Century South America

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