Medallion Honoring Suffragists Buried in Frankfort Cemetery

Randolph Hollingsworth's picture

Bronze medallions, designed by Sallie Clay Lanham, great granddaughter of Mary Barr Clay, have been placed at the gravesites of twenty-five suffragists buried in the Frankfort Cemetery. Initiated by Mary Ann Burch, the Frankfort Suffrage Women Cemetery Project has been brought to reality with support of modern Frankfort women advocates for women’s rights and equality. Members of the project committee were Sylvia Coffey (Women Suffragist Centennial Chorus), Robin Antenucci (Frankfort Tourism), Patty Peavler (Pres. of the Frankfort Cemetery Board), Jodi Lewis (KY Historical Society), Sara Elliott (Liberty Hall), and Marsha Weinstein (Pres. National Collaborative for Women Historical Sites).

See more about the project - and details about the suffragists being honored - at the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project blog post. For a map showing which suffragists' gravesites are included in this project, download the brochure here: