"Map of United States Showing Progress of Equal Suffrage," Lexington Herald, May 7, 1916, page 3.

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Title: "Map of United States Showing Progress of Equal Suffrage"

Publisher: Lexington Herald

Date: May 7, 1916, page 3.

Map dated September 1913 furnished to The Lexington Herald by the Kentucky Equal Rights Association (probably from the National American Woman Suffrage Association's literature) showing where the different states in the U.S. offered full suffrage (in white), partial suffrage (shaded), no suffrage (black). A question mark delineates where states are deliberating a suffrage bill (ratification "is before voters"); and, a double question mark is where a suffrage bill is waiting to pass a second house in the legislature before being submitted to the state's voters. This map accompanies an article describing the suffrage parade in Lexington on May 6, 1916.