Lily Ray Glenn in Louisa, Ky

Kelli Lemaster Contribution

Lily Ray Glenn was a leader during the Woman Suffrage Movement, and was commissioned to travel all around Kentucky talking about Women’s Suffrage during the year 1914. It is recorded that she was in Louisa, Kentucky in July of that year. The Big Sandy News, a local newspaper located in the town of Louisa, reported on her being in the town on a Friday, and reported this news in their July 24, 1914 issue. The title of the article is, “The Suffragists Meet” and is located on the front page of the paper. It states that Miss Lily Ray Glenn gave a speech in front of the Louisa Courthouse, and held her audience for about an hour. The newspaper also states that she, “…received enthusiastic applause at intervals.” After her speech, cards were passed around and those in attendance were welcome to join the Lawrence County Woman Suffrage League. Those who believed in the cause and signed up to become apart of the League, voted on party leaders, and those names were listed in the article, as follows:

Lawrence County Woman Suffrage League

President – Miss Rebekah Lackey

Vice President – Miss Mae Sammons

Secretary – Miss Goldie Byington

Treasurer – Miss Margaret Hatcher

I have contacted the Genealogy Department at the Lawrence County Public Library to keep a look out for more mentions of Lily Ray Glenn, and also any mention of the Lawrence County Woman Suffrage League in other documents. I’m continuing to look at different media to find any mention of the league in Lawrence County, as well.

"The Suffragists Meet." The Big Sandy News. July 24, 1914. Accessed February 23, 2018.