a k a 1968

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Maybe a apt comparison, or not. since China's Boxer rebellion was an internal, civil war for China, bringing down the traditional rule of China by royal heredity, yet Marine intervention which helped craft the Corps personna and historical status, does find something of a parallel in the not often[to my awareness] discussion of military forces in maintaining domestic order and government internally for States. One such Marine experience took place when the 3rd Marines, along with the 82nd Airborne were called upon by Pres. Johnson to being and end to rioting in the US Capitol during 1968, a particular year of tumoult for America with a raging Vietnam War and Anti-war movement to shut down Vietnam involvement along with the Poor Peoples March on DC, a non-violent protest to conditions in America, both social, legal, moral and economic.

Included photo is one of number taken then, showing one unit of 3rd Marines assigned to martial law duty on Capitol Hill, Washington DC; tented in a small park 6 blocks from the Capitol, the Marines provided guarantee for 2 weeks, ending any rioting in the immediate area and a return to civil conduct, while the Capitol like America's cities had experienced both rioting and burning across the Nation in outrage at the murder of Martin Luther King during a protest time in Tennessee. This laid bare the divisions of American life over 50 years previously to this present time and its racial divide thru social and economic conditions existing even then.