Josephine Fowler Post

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Kentucky Woman Suffrage

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Oak Grove Cemetery

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Burial place of Josephine Fowler Post (1870-1946)



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1613 Park Ave

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Oak Grove Cemetery

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Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project

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Paducah native Josephine Fowler Post was a suffragist involved in local, state, and national work. She was the President of the Paducah Equal Rights Association, a member of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association, on the congressional committee of NAWSA in 1917, and after the passage of the 19th Amendment, she was a leader in the League of Women Voters. In 1915, she was named an Honorary Vice President of KERA. She is also known as Mrs. Edmund Post. The McCracken County Equal Rights Association of Paducah, Ky. was organized through the efforts of KERA officer Madeline McDowell Breckinridge in February 1912 - the Paducah Equal Rights Association, formed in 1894 through the efforts of Laura Clay, had gone defunct. Starting with sixty members, the McCracken ERA by 1915 under the leadership of Josephine Post had 350 members.

Reference source of Information:
"Mrs. Edmund M. Post" History of Kentucky, Vol. 5, ed. Judge Charles Kerr (Chicago: American Historical Society, 1922), 342-343. Josephine Post, “Report of the State Member of the National Executive Committee,” Reports of the Twenty-Eighth and Twenty-Ninth Annual Conventions of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association Held in Lexington, Kentucky March 11 and 12th 1919 (Kentucky Equal Rights Association, 1919), 65-69.